Buchner & O'Toole Title Company is a full service Title Insurance Company.

Buchner & O'Toole Title Company was originally founded June 6, 1910 as Buchner & Roe and was located in the Fielding Building on LaSalle Street in Ottawa, Illinois.  John F. Buchner, the LaSalle County Recorder at the time, and Charles S. Roe were the owners.  Mr. Buchner was originally from Carroll County, Indiana and Mr. Roe was from Franklin Grove, Illinois.

In 1915 James M. O'Toole, originally from New York, became associated with the business and in 1916 it became known as Buchner & O'Toole.

Melvin J. Cassiday, from Ottawa, bought into the business in 1942 and he operated the business until April 11, 1967, when it was incorporated by a group of local attorneys.  Mr. Cassiday remained active in the business until he became ill, and subsequently died March 8, 1977.

Herbert Kaiser of Monticello, Illinois purchased the business in September of 1982.  He died in 1987 and his son, Herbert Kaiser Jr. became principal owner and President until February 2000.

The present owners (local attorneys and businessmen) acquired the company in February 2000.  The Office Manager is Karen Friestad Miller, and we have two examining attorneys, George C. Hupp III and Paul V. Martin.